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Industrial Hard Carbon
Welcome to Carbon Raptor
Engineering Solutions for Race Applications

More diamond equals more Wins

Winning involves many factors: driver, crew, car/motorbike and often a little luck. But if the engine, transmission and drivetrain aren't operating at the highest efficiency, the other factors can't deliver a win. The Hard Carbon Raptor thin film enables the highest effective horsepower by eliminating or significantly reducing wear and parasitic friction throughout the engine, transmission and drivetrain.

We've done the hard part™

Hard Carbon Raptor can solve your problem when ceramics and other carbon based protective coatings can't meet the challenge. The combined hardness, lubricity and flexibility result in Hard Carbon Raptor's phenomenal wear resistance and other characteristics which can be applied thoroughly and evenly to both the most intricate and the most massive parts for dramatically extended lifetime.

Don't get worn out

Chasing ifs and maybes of whether or not yesterday's protective coatings will give you even marginal improvement can be a long, drawn out process. Contact Carbon Raptor to discuss how we can partner to solve your challenge today.

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